Use Cases of Payment Page

Here are some real life scenarios in which Payment Page might be the most effective of choice for a merchant

Sale of a Tangible Product

Payment Pages are ideal for companies who want to sell their products, The company can add the details of their products along with photographs and description on their Payment Page and accept payments for the same.

Tickets and Events

Payment Pages can be very useful for selling tickets for events, we can see this in most of the ticket booking websites, where a user can select the number of tickets he/she wishes to buy, a page is opened which shows all the details related to the tickets and the user can proceed to make the payment for them.

Collection of Donation

NGOs and non-profit organisations looking for donations for a good cause would find this useful. The user can enter whatever amount he wants to donate and make the transaction using the payment page. The NGO/Organisation could easily accept donations from a large number of users and keep a track of the various amounts that the users are donating,

Collection of Fees

It's ideal for organisations that need to collect money from students/tutors etc. Schools, institutions, and coaching centres, for example.

Partial Payment

Merchants can allow their customers to make partial payment using the “Amount to be entered by customer” option of the payment page feature.